Mineral Recovery, Power Generation and Zero Waste

Investments Profile

“Africa has seen an increase in energy demand in various economic sectors. To bridge this gap and develop commercially, the continent’s energy needs have to be available anytime and anywhere based on demand. The only foreseeable way to achieve this is through technologies and initiatives that guarantee energy availability in order to enable effective commercial activities across the continent.”

GLOBAL HUMAN BENEFIT ZAMBIA LIMITED (GHBZ), a Zambian Investment Company, possesses unique solutions for energy, water, environmental and mining technologies.

GHBZ plans to play an important role in promoting private enterprise investment in the sectors outlined above in Zambia over the next decades. GHBZ is also focused on the development of energy related projects in partnership with its strategic technical partners around the world.

GHBZ’s core businesses are technologies that foster environmental clean-up or remediation and waste-to-energy systems. GHBZ’s commitment is to resolve global waste problems with integrated turnkey solutions that provide ZERO waste.

GHBZ plans to set up a 400 Megawatts Electricity Generation Plant in Ndola, Zambia using Plasma Gasification Technology with minimum investment capital of US$1 Billion. It also plans to set up 5 Sugar plantations in Chama, Chinsali, Isoka, Kanchibiya, Mpika and Shiwang’andu in Muchinga Province. The Sugar Processing Plant and Fuel Refinery will be set up in Shiwang’andu to process sugar and convert waste from sugar processes into a clean fuel (Ethanol) that will run the turbines to generate electricity. A 200 Megawatts electricity generation power plant in Shiwang’andu will be constructed at a minimum capital investment of US$300 Million.

Another 200MW electric power generation plant is earmarked for Luapula Province. GHBZ will set up two power generation systems in the province, namely, 50MW Solar Panel Power generation and 150MW generated power sourced from Agricultural Waste and Municipal Solid Waste.

GHBZ utilizes a waste-to-energy technology system which has minimal or zero effect on climate change. This guarantees constant power availability for it does not get affected by climate change which adversely affects traditional hydro power generation systems.

GHBZ has a highly specialized management technical team which it has engaged to supervise and run the projects.

GHBZ is confident in its aspirations to make Zambia and Africa as a whole Energy independent to enhance its commerce and looks forward to partnering with you.