Mineral Recovery, Power Generation and Zero Waste

Luapula Province Solar, Waste – To – Energy Power Generation Project

“Africa has seen an increase in energy demand in various economic sectors. To bridge this gap and develop commercially, the continent’s energy needs have to be available anytime and anywhere based on demand. The only foreseeable way to achieve this is through technologies and initiatives that guarantee energy availability in order to enable effective commercial activities across the continent.”


From GHBZ energy requirement studies in Zambia, it has been concluded that Luapula Province is one of the least serviced with electric power in Zambia. For this reason, the Company has planned generation of minimum 200 Megawatts of Electricity at a minimum cost of services, equipment and capital of US$ 200 Million for Luapula Province.

This proposed electric power is presented in this 15 Year Business Plan. The Business Plan is expected to assist GHBZ in implementing the project. The overall goal of the business plan is:

“To generate enough electricity to support industrial development in the province.”

It is anticipated that when fully and successfully implemented the Business Plan will result in the production of electricity, gain revenue collection for the company from sales of electricity and byproducts of Sugar, Synthetic Fuels and Water.

The Solution - Priority Projects

GHBZ will play an important role in efforts to promote private enterprise investment in Renewable Energy in Luapula Province and the entire country over the next decade. GHBZ is focused on development of electric energy, synthetic fuels and sugar related projects in partnership with its strategic partners to capture the value chain in the various sectors (sugar, energy, water and sanitation sectors).

GHBZ’s core interest is the technologies that protect the environment, foster environmental clean-up or remediation and municipal solid waste-to-energy systems.

GHBZ intends to play a dynamic, diversified, and growing role in Luapula Province’s energy market by providing clients with customized solutions to their energy needs, using a creative, flexible approach to pricing and logistics, while maintaining strict risk management controls.