Mineral Recovery, Power Generation and Zero Waste

Luapula Sugar and Ethanol Processing Plant

Norman Daka
Deputy General Manager - Luapula Sugar Plant.

Global Human Benefit Zambia Limited (GHBZ) has a business plan for Sugar Production and generation of electricity based on Renewable Energy Systems. GHBZ needs technological partners with experience in the production of finished Sugar and extract Sugar Cane waste as a by-product through proprietary extraction methods that convert the contaminants in the reactor into ethanol as a fuel. The produced fuel is then used to generate electricity at required sites.

The Sugar industry in Zambia is dominated by one company contributing 92.5% of the total production. Sugar production has remained fairly stagnant due to drought conditions. Consumption wise, less than 29% of rural households consume sugar at domestic level. Sugar has seen a growing demand in various sectors such as in food processing and beverage industries were it is used as an ingredient. Also, there is growing demand in consumption in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Objectives and Purpose

Based on GHBZ economic studies for Muchinga, the Province is one of the least serviced with electric power and minimal commercial farming activities. For this reason, the Company has planned a massive Sugar production of more than 3 million tons of cane annually in Five Strategic locations with a Sugar Refinery for over US$100 Million. A minimum of US$ 200 Million is planned for the generation of 200 Mega Watts for the Province. The total business plan is estimated to cost about US$300 Million to implement. The average yield of cane stalk is estimated at 130 tons per hectare per year. However, the world average figure varies between 30-180 tons per hectare depending on knowledge and crop management approach used in sugarcane cultivation.

The overall goal of the business plan is

“To produce enough Ethanol as fuel for Electricity generation to support industrial development in the province and surrounding regions as well as Sugar refining for the local market and export.”

The Solution - Priority Projects

GHBZ will play an important role in the Sugar Production Process in efforts to promote private enterprise investment with best practices. In this regard GHBZ is seeking for a Partner with the requisite Experience, Technical know-how in the best practices and latest technology. Muchinga Province has massive land and water resources which GHBZ will maximize.

GHBZ will also promote investment in Renewable Energy in Muchinga Province and the entire country over the next decade. GHBZ is focused on development of Ethanol, Electric Energy and Sugar related projects in partnership with its strategic partners to capture the value chain in the various sectors (sugar and energy).

GHBZ’s core interests are investments that will protect the environment, foster environmental clean-up and job creation.

Deputy General Managers and their Deputies


Luapula and Muchinga Provinces Sugar Farm projects.
Sitted LR: Llyod Mutambo, Jolly Banda, Cosmas Chilando, Norman Daka.
Standing L-R: John Kasonde, Swadick Banda, Patrick Bwembya and Francis Mubanga.